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Phishing Attacks


About This Course

Phishing happens to everyone, but most people only become aware of it once they have become a victim of an attack.

Protecting yourself from phishing attacks starts with identifying an email or message as an attack before you click on the link or download the file. But even if you are careful, a phishing attack can still sometimes be successful. Don’t panic. If you have clicked on a phishing link and given an attacker access to your data, you can still reduce the damage - to yourself as well as to your colleagues, friends, and family.

In this course you will learn about phishing attacks: what they are, what they are used for, how you can identify them, and what you can do if you have been phished.

About Totem

Totem is an online platform that offers interactive courses to learn how to increase digital security and privacy. The optimal user experience is currently on your desktop computer. The aim is to support journalists, human rights defenders and activists use privacy tools and tactics more effectively in their work. Not a journalist? Don’t worry  these courses should work for everyone.

Start today and learn how to protect yourself online.

What will you learn?

You should walk away from this course knowing:

  • What a phishing attack is
  • How to identify a phishing attack
  • How to prevent phishing attacks
  • What to do if you realise you’ve been phished


Make sure to do the How the Internet works and Secure Passwords courses first.

Last update

This course was updated for the last time in: May 2022