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Secure Passwords


About This Course

By this point in the evolution of technology, most of us have a fairly large number of online accounts to keep track of, and to keep safe. It seems like we need multiple accounts for everything - email, messaging, social media, shopping, banking, project-managing, file-sharing, etc, etc - it’s all a bit endless.

Passwords are your first line of defence against anyone who would like to hack into these accounts. They are what keep your information safe; they enable you to keep control of your data.

But preventing your accounts from being hacked requires passwords that are long, strong, complex, unique and practical; and you need to have a DIFFERENT long, strong, unique and practical password for each account.

So how do you get all of this right? The key is to develop a good password strategy that works for you. Different password creation and management systems work for different people - this course will take you through some good options. 

About Totem

Totem is an online platform that offers interactive courses to learn how to increase digital security and privacy. The optimal user experience is currently on your desktop computer. The aim is to support journalists, human rights defenders and activists use privacy tools and tactics more effectively in their work. Not a journalist? Don’t worry  these courses should work for everyone.

Start today and learn how to protect yourself online.

What will you learn?

You should walk away from this course knowing:

  • What makes a strong password, and why strong passwords are important
  • How to create your own password-creation strategies
  • How to manage your (strong) passwords:
    • What is a password manager, and why use one?
    • What is Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), and why use it?



Last update

This course was updated for the last time in: May 2022