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This is the Glossary for Totem’s course Field Research

Anonymous: Adjective of “Anonymity”, the state of an individual's personal identity, or personally identifiable information, being publicly unknown.

Blur: To create a shape on top of some elements of an image or a photo which become indistinct or that you cannot see clearly because its edges are no longer distinct.

Clues: Anything that serves to guide in the solution of a problem. Also: evidence.

Confidential: Done or communicated in confidence; secret.

Deniable: Capable of being denied or contradicted.

Fact-checking: The process of checking that all the facts in a piece of writing, a news article, a speech, etc. are correct.

Hover: To position (a computer cursor) over something (such as an image or icon) without selecting it.

Upstream: In geography, it is the direction opposite to the flow of a stream; against the current of a river.

Watershed: In geography, also known as a drainage basin, it is an area of land where all water drains to a central point like a lake, river, or stream.