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Women journalists facing Online harassment

How to fight online abusers

Enrollment in this course is by invitation only

About This Course

Online abuse is increasingly used to silence journalists around the world. What is often unknown is that online abusers use sophisticated tactics and coordinate with others to intimidate, threaten, and harass journalists to drive them offline. Online attacks against women journalists are unique in volume and tone. The abuse targeted at women journalists is amplified by misogynists and trolls whose primary objective is to shut women up. The threats they receive are often violent and reference the journalist’s gender, sexuality and appearance.
The International Women Media Foundation (IWMF), with its partners and journalists from around the world, have developed this course to help journalists minimise online abuse. We offer information about how to protect your private information and use real cases to demonstrate how abusers work together to try to intimidate and threaten journalists into silence.
This course is not about telling journalists to be safer online instead it aims to help shape their approach to online safety and to understand how those who want to interfere with their work operate.

What will you learn?

You will come away from this course with a deeper understanding of:
  • How to have greater control of your online personal persona
  • The tactics that online abusers use
  • Types of abusers and their networks



Last update

This course was updated for the last time on: February 2020


This course is created by the IWMF, digital security trainers and online education experts who collaborated during workshops and sprints to co-create this Totem course.